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10 Emotional, Awesome, and Totally Badass Happenings at Comic-Con 2015

10 Emotional, Awesome, and Totally Badass Moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2015

10 Emotional, Awesome, and Totally Badass Moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Just because we weren't there doesn't mean we can't be freaking excited for what's to come.


San Diego Comic-Con is pretty much the biggest fan event ever, but even if you couldn't actually make it to those hallowed halls last weekend there's still plenty to watch and look forward to from the comfort of your own home! in fact, there's almost too much to get excited about, but we think we'll be able to handle it...and maybe clear our schedules to accommodate for all the entertainment content we're going to be rabidly consuming in the next year. Here are 10 times Comic-Con pretty much proved our lives are about to get taken over by our favorite shows, movies, and comics - new and old - and we're not mad about it all. What are you most looking forward to?

10. NBC's Blindspot is going to be killer

Blindspot star Jamie Alexander and the cast and creative team stopped by to raise the hype for this new thriller/mystery show, coming to NBC Mondays this fall. Blindspot follows a woman who was found in a mysterious bag in the middle of Times Square, who's recently been wiped of her memory and covered in tattoos that the FBI has to use to solve crimes around the city. But this Jane Doe doesn't just sit around and let everyone else do the dirty work, she kicks ass herself as well. And physical training isn't all Jamie Alexander has had to take on for the show. According to Deadline's report on the Blindspot panel, those tattoos take 7 hours to apply. And how was the show conceived? Says creator and writer Martin Gero, "I was lying in bed one morning trying to think of great TV ideas and I came up with the idea of a big in the middle of Times Square. Someone approaches it thinking it's a bomb, and it's a woman. I took it from there." Oh, okay. Super simple. Now let's check it out.

9. We got a first look at Evan Rachel Wood in HBO's Westworld

Westworld, HBO's new sci-fi series based on Michael Crichton's novel, didn't get a panel at Comic-Con this year, but executive producer Jonathan Nolan did give a surprise sneak peak during his Person of Interest panel! The trailer that was previewed isn't available online, but a few promo photos are, including one featuring Evan Rachel Wood, who's starring as a "farm girl of the frontier west." Here's hoping we get a full preview soon!

8.Fear the Walking Dead turns our worst nightmares into a TV show

AMC has a huge hit on its hands with The Walking Dead, and it seems like lightening might strike zombies twice with this new show that takes place in the same world. Fear the Walking Dead seems to have a much more extensive focus on the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse the heroes of Walking Dead have been dealing with, and it looks seriously terrifying. Fun fact, The 100's Alycia Debnam-Carey, who stars as Clarke's maybe-one-day-boo Lexa, co-stars on this as well. But for those of you worried that'll take her away from the CW, never fear...

7. The 100 team discusses season 3 and Lexa's return

After the devastating events at Mt. Weather last season, season 3 of The 100 will take place after a time jump, according to Entertainment Weekly. When we pick back up, everyone will be dealing with some pretty intense PTSD, and Bellamy will be taking charge of the remaining 44 after Clarke abandoned the group to go do some soul searching. She'll also encounter the Grounders and their commander Lexa once again, although we can expect a lot more anger than romantic tension. Though time heals all wounds, right? Maybe there's hope for Clexa yet. We'll definitely be waiting patiently.

6. We got a brief glance at Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

AND IT WAS AWESOME. Our only complaint? We wish there was more. But there will be, because Gal's Wonder Woman will be getting her own film in 2017. Now there's a Comic-Con panel we can't wait for.

5. MTV previewed its lady-centric new show, The Shannara Chronicles

MTV has yet to do a sweeping mystical epic series, so we're pretty curious to see how it handles The Shannara Chronicles. Based on Terry Brook's fantasy series from the early 80s, The Shannara Chronicles follows, to quote Entertainment Weekly, ""the quest of a troupe of heroes to create a magical Ellcrys tree to replace the dying one that protected the Elven nation from invading Demon forces." We're pretty sure we're going to have to watch the show when it premieres in January to understand what the hell that means, but we're psyched find out.

4. The Legend of Korra announces graphic novel series that will focus on same-sex relationship with Asami

Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra broke some major ground when its finale featured the definite proof of a relationship between leads Korra and Asami. The show may have ended, but now Korrasami will get to live on in a comic series at Dark Horse Comics by original co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino that will focus on the heroines' relationship. According to IGN, the series will pick up where the show left on and the duo has three volumes planned. This is some pretty magic news, and we wish the absolute best for these to canon cuties.

3. While many shows brought suspense and terror, Orphan Black brought the giggles

Orphan Black just wrapped up a pretty intense third season, so it's certainly comforting to be able to take a moment and enjoy this spectacular blooper reel they presented. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the team also discussed plot points like Delphine's possible return ("Nobody's safe on the show, but she's Orphan Black dead"), the inspiration behind Krystal (Jenny Slate's character Liz B. from Comedy Central's Kroll Show), and the progressiveness of the show's LGBT representation, to which creator Graeme Manson responded, "We really decided we wanted to explore sexuality — it works with all the themes of cloning...But very purposely, we didn't want to put anyone's sexuality at the forefront. Television is getting much better at sexual representation — we should be beyond asking or caring. I think maybe that's what we're trying to do." Success achieved, we say! Now bring Delphine back, k...?

2. The Hunger Games had a full-out last hurrah

Big franchises fair best at Comic-Con, but there's a time in which they all must retire (though potentially pull a Star Wars and come back every decade or so). But it does look like this is The Hunger Games' last go, and so it went out with an absolute bang,- literally. This new promo for Mockingjay Part 2 is a hundred types of intense, and we're 100x more excited for the film's final bow in November. District 13 is bringing it, ya'll.

1. Star Wars stole the show

It's not exactly shocking that Star Wars totally dominated Comic-Con. After all, it's not every year we get a massive new movie from one of the biggest franchises in history that also seems to be made with intense love from its cast and creators, old and new. This responsibility was not taken lightly by anyone, and so the team put together a powerful presentation that will send shivers up your spine and tears to your Star Wars-loving eyes. Even cooler, in addition to newbies like Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Gwendoline Christie, and Adam Driver, the original Han, Luke, and Leia (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher, but you knew that) joined the panel to celebrate the upcoming film (which was followed up by a free concert of the Star Wars score by the San Diego Symphony). We couldn't imagine a brighter-looking future for a film that, at this point, has already met some of our highest expectations. The force is with this one.

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