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7 Reasons Why You Should Rock That Pit Hair

7 Reasons Why You Should Rock That Pit Hair

7 Reasons Why You Should Rock That Pit Hair

Because growing it all out isn't just for the guys. Plus Miley's doing it!

Lots of celebs are doing it. And that is a truly awesome thing. I've been doing it too. I'm getting sneers and laughs from people in the street but dammmmmmn it feeels good! Here are some reasons why you should take the plunge and let it all grow free ;)


1. Freedom, freedom, freedommmmmmm!


Regram @terryrichardson#comeasyouare #iloveyou

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Because a nice quiet feminine lady is not meant to grow hair in womanly places (according to this thing calling itself "general society"), so obviously it's right for you not to do it. If you get our drift.


2. Veet bumps no longer.

How do those things even occur? What hellish beast created them? Did someone sit in a business meeting and just let this happen? ... No, it doesn't even bear thinking about.


3. Shaving bumps. No longer.

Oh here we are again. Um, actual scabs. Not correct for that to be part of our regular grooming routine.


4. I am a proper, grown woman. And I have proof.

Who wants to look like a child? Seriously?


5. Lack of pheromones.

Hair traps pheromones. What? It does. :)


6. It's your body.


Today hazzzzz be consistently chill AF #evengotsomecleanindone #fuckyeah

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Shave, don't shave. It's always up to you. Never forget that.


7. This video.

Uh, yeah.


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