WATCH: Hot Lesbians Don Cowboy Hats, Chaps and Spurs for 'Cowgirl Up' Season 2

WATCH: Hot Lesbians Don Cowboy Hats, Chaps and Spurs for 'Cowgirl Up' Season 2

What is not to love about a web series about hot lesbians in cowboy hats, boots, chaps and the occasional spur? That’s right, the first-ever funny, fetishy cowgirl web series Cowgirl Up is back with its second season on tello Films, and it promises to be wilder than ever.

Cowgirl Up is the brainchild of South of Nowhere creator Nancylee Myatt and stars Bridget McManus, Kodi Kitchen, Marnie Alton, Shannan Leigh Reeve, Brandy Howard, Hannah Madison Taylor  and SON’s Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Aasha Davis, Valery Ortiz, Maeve Quinlan, and more.

Here’s tello’s synopsis of season 2:

When last we saw our Double D Ranch weekend warriors, they had settled the battle of the coveted belt buckle and lived to tell the story.  Silverado Bunkhouse had taken home the bling and the Tombstone Bunkhouse had taken their licking and moved on to the next adventure.  Sheriff Bitsy Calhoun sent the outlaws, Cricket, Eager Beaver, and the rest of the conniving Clitteraw Tribe, to the big house. Double D co-owner, Lu, stayed to keep the campfires burning, with help from her wranglers Rusty and Coon-Ass Kate.

But the Double D has a way of branding everyone who rides through her gates with a western spirit and fight.  So when the usual suspects and some new tin-horns join together for a weekend competition of loyalty and rivalry, things get rowdy.  Throw in a talent contest, fast draw competition, trial ride camp out, new alliances and rivalries, and bad ass ex-cons – and you’ve got a shot of rot gut in a dirty glass.  Wait, what?  Uh, you’ve got a rockin’ western romp.  

Three teams.  Three days.  Who will be standing when the dust clears?

Check out the trailer below, and join tello for $3.99 per month for unlimited access to their original lesbian-themed programs. 

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