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SheWired's Top Lesbian Reality TV Moments of 2009

SheWired's Top Lesbian Reality TV Moments of 2009

In a year where lesbians were scarce on 'reality' TV, here is a look at what we found for 2009. From Samantha Fox on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! to Kourtney Kardashian on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, celebrities and industry new-comers (Real World: Cancun's Ayiiia Elizarraras and America's Next Top Model's Lulu) brought all levels of gir-on-girl action to the small screen.

It’s the time of the year – and the decade for that matter—when everyone takes personal or public inventory of the past. To commemorate 2009, SheWired has compiled a series of Ten Best lists, which we will run up to New Years’ Eve. Plus, look out for our special look back at the best of all-things lesbian of the past decade coming soon.

In a year where lesbians were scarce on 'reality' TV, here is a look at what we could find for 2009.

America's Next Top Model – Lulu is Gay!

Way before cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model hit the air, everyone pretty much knew one of the girls this season was a lesbian. Petite model wannabe Lulu, 19, certainly wasn't shy about proclaiming her sexuality. Unlike former Top Model contestant Kim Stoltz, however, Lulu's lesbian leanings never became a key topic of discussion on cycle 13. Even though the 'lesbian' aspect of Lulu was thankfully not really exploited during the show, her interview video declaration of queerness was just too cute to ignore.

Standing before the judges for that all important first impression,  Lulu cheerfully announces: "I'm Lulu, 19, and I'm gay!" Tyra Banks basically looks at her like she's a bit crazy, but Miss J. Alexander launches into an adorable round of applause. Although this particular lesbian moment wasn't all that titillating, it's just nice to see a young lady like Lulu comfortable and self-assured enough to just come out and declare her sexuality openly on TV without a hint of hesitation.

Gimme Sugar: Miami -- Charlene's Massive Fail

The best thing about Logo's Gimme Sugar: Miami was watching Charlene self-implode, which isn't saying much. The second season of Gimme Sugar was supposed to be all about the girls conquering Miami and setting up a hot new place for the lesbians to congregate and party. Unfortunately, mostly the show was about a bunch of catty girls bitching at each other and accomplishing very little.

The most pathetic of the bunch was 28-year-old Charlene, who finally had to admit on camera she had absolutely no clue what she was doing. Squatting on a sidewalk with a cell phone, Char is forced to beg to be given another chance by her boss to make the TruckStop: Miami party a reality. Throughout the mercifully short season, Charlene whines, cries and basically acts like a baby, embarrassing herself and lesbian-kind in general. Although watching Gimme Sugar was mildly amusing for a while just to see Char's tortured ineptness, overall the show was just painful. Hopefully there won't be a season three.

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I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! – Samantha Fox and Her Vanishing Boobs

Lesbian model and singer Samantha Fox signed up for series 9 of the UK's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! and provided quite a few amusing moments on the show before being voted off. I have to give her total respect for holding a spider in her mouth for 30 seconds in the very first episode. I would have screamed and swallowed the damn thing, then had to have been transported to a psychiatric ward to recover.

Fox was the third contestant eliminated from the show, which was a shame because she was one of the more entertaining contestants. One of her best bits, naturally, involved her infamous breasts. During one episode, Fox expressed her growing concern over her apparently shrinking assets. Fox told pal Lucy Benjamin, "In my heyday I was a 36D. Just before I came in here I was a 36C but I think I'm going to be a 32B when I get out of here." Which, of course, meant it was nearly impossible not to stare at her breasts constantly throughout the rest of the show.

Top Chef: Las Vegas – Ashley, Preeti and the Bachelor Party Blues

Top Chef: Las Vegas premiered with two lesbian contestants this season, San Francisco chef Preeti Mistry and Seattle chef Ashley Merriman.  One of my favorite moments involving the two lesbian chefs this season was the infamous 'bachelor party' catering episode. While it definitely sucks gay marriage is still illegal in most parts of the country, Ashley's whining about having to participate in such a heterosexual ritual was a bit ridiculous.

"I find it beyond comprehension that they're making us go do a wedding challenge when effectively at least three of us aren't even allowed in that institution!" Ashley proclaimed in response to the bachelor party task. Top Chef's other lesbian contestant, Preeti Mistry, basically shrugged the whole thing off, saying simply, "this is the world we live in today." In other words, if you want to work as a chef, you're going to have to cook for straight people, so get over it, kay?

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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami – Kourtney Kisses and Runs

Reality TV starlet Kourtney Kardashian was terribly embarrassed when she made out with a female friend from art class named Jackie on camera while being filmed for Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. What I can't understand is if she didn't want the whole lesbian tongue-twist aired on TV for millions to see, why did she go for it right there in front of the reality TV cameras?

Come on, Kourtney knew she was being taped and she probably did it on purpose to boost ratings for the show. We just feel bad for the other girl, who apparently thought the kiss actually might have meant something. Not only did she not get into Kourtney's pants, but apparently she may have lost a friend too, all because Kourtney couldn’t keep her tongue to herself. "I'm so embarrassed," Kardashian said about the incident, "I can never talk to this girl again. Jackie is calling me non-stop and I'm so embarrassed I made out with her. I did not mean to lead her on." Well, maybe she should have thought about that before she started swapping spit with the girl!

The Real World: Cancun – Ayiiia Learns the Ways of Lesbian Love

Gorgeous Real World: Cancun contestant Ayiiia Elizarraras went through a very public coming out process during the show. Ayiiia has admitted she was interested in women for a while before appearing on Real World, but had never gone for it before. Well, down in Cancun, Ayiiia went for it - with not one, but two of her female housemates!

Ayiiia got down and dirty with fellow cast mates Emilee and Jonna during the season, basically coming out to the world in the process. While she does end up hooking up with both gals and guys on Real World, Ayiiia is now happily in love with the female owner/designer of Tasteless Candy Clothing. Ayiiia is also still very friendly with Emilee, but don't even ask about Jonna. According to Ayiiia, Jonna is "no longer a part of my life" and it's going to stay that way.

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