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Is Katharine McPhee a Republican?

Is Katharine McPhee a Republican?

Is Katharine McPhee a Republican?

LGBTQ+ fans of the former Smash star and American Idol runner-up aren't too happy...


Wait a damn Katharine McPhee a Republican???

THEE Katharine McPhee?? The American Idol runner-up and Broadway queen who starred in things like Smash and Waitress and who has a notable queer fanbase?? THIS Katherine McPhee??

Well, from the looks of it, unfortunately, it may be so...

Over the past few days, screenshots of donations made to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which Jezebel verified are legitimate, amounting to $500 made by a self-employed, Los Angeles-based singer named Katharine McPhee started circulating on Gay Twitter.

While it hasn't been totally confirmed that the person donating the money to the GOP and the American Idol alum are exactly the same person, because of the coincidences in the name, location, and occupation, and the fact that Katharine has been noticeably silent about the matter on her social media since she started trending over the weekend, many queer fans were rightfully able to draw their own conclusions — and they weren't happy about it. 

I guess we'll wait to see what Katharine has to say on the matter, but right now...

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