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Lil Nas X Claps Back After Suggestion He's Not Really Gay

Lil Nas X Claps Back After Suggestion He's Not Really Gay

Lil Nas X
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"He just can't dance," one fan replied, "yall are reading too much into it."


It’s been almost four years since Lil Nas X came out. He’s spent that time making music talking about his queer identity, playing with fashion all along the gender expression spectrum, and giving the devil himself a lap dance, and yet there are still people who refuse to believe he’s actually... checks notes... gay.

That offensive take reared its head again after the rapper performed at Lollapalooza Chile last week. Video of him performing a new unreleased track, “Down Souf Hoes,” and twerking in a shiny blue outfit had one clueless person suggesting, “I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced.”

Again, this has been a common refrain about Lil Nas ever since he came out. Straight people just can’t seem to comprehend that the spectrum of people within the LGBTQ+ community is vast enough that it’s very unlikely anyone is going to fit neatly into a box of preconceived notions, or that sometimes gay men can even be a little awkward in their explorations of their feminine side.

Honestly, the people agreeing with this comment were just downright embarrassing, and other Lil Nas fans were not afraid to jump in and tell them as much.

Things got so out of hand that even Lil Nas himself jumped in to clown on the original poster.

If the man says he’s gay, he’s gay. He can express femininity in one moment, and a little masculinity in another, and he can be as awkward as he wants along the way — it still is what it is. It’s just not that complicated.

Does Lil Nas X have a boyfriend?

Lil Nas X does not currently have a boyfriend as far as we know.

What is Lil Nas X's real name?

Lil Nas X's real name is Montero Lamar Hill.

How old is Lil Nas X?

Lil Nas X was born April 9, 1999.

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