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Joaquin Phoenix Tackling First Gay Role With Carol Director Todd Haynes

Joaquin Phoenix Tackling First Gay Role With 'Carol' Director Todd Haynes

Joaquin Phoenix
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The two are collaborating on a gay love story set in the 1930s.


Joaquin Phoenix is gearing up for his next role — and it’s gonna be a gay one!

Director Todd Haynes made the announcement while doing the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival to promote his latest movie, May December.

“There’s another movie I want to do in early 2024,” he told Les Inrockuptibles. “It’s a project that Joaquin Phoenix brought to me, and it’s set in the 1930s. A love story between two men, based on an original, very audacious scenario.”

With films like Velvet Goldmine, Far from Heaven, andCarol(which starred Phoenix’s wife, Rooney Mara) under his belt, a 1930s-set story about two men in love seems like an excellent next project for Haynes.

He also noted that this would be Phoenix’s first explicitly gay role, and fans agree that it’s about time.

Even without more information about the mystery film, fans are also already brainstorming who they would like to see cast opposite Phoenix in what they are fondly describing as “Carol, but for dudes.” If the movie does plan to film in early 2024, hopefully we will have more details to tide us over by the end of the year.

In the meantime, we can keep an eye out for May December, as well as Phoenix’s Joker: Folie à Deux, set for an October 2024 release.

What is Joaquin Phoenix's real name?

His real name is Joaquin Rafael Bottom.

What ethnicity is Joaquin Phoenix?

His mother is from a Russian/Hungarian Jewish family and his father is of British Isles descent.

How old is Joaquin Phoenix?

Phoenix was born October 28, 1974.

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