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Justin Trudeau Wore Pink To See 'Barbie' & The Right Is Predictably Freaking Out

Justin Trudeau Wore Pink To See 'Barbie' & The Right Is Freaking Out

Justin Trudeau, Xavier Trudeau

Conservatives are having a completely normal *cough cough* reaction to the photo he shared.


It’s 2023, and apparently some people still think the color pink is only for girls and gay men.


Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is getting weird pushback after posting a photo taken with his 15-year-old son, Xavier, at the theater to see Barbie. Both added some pink to their outfits, as has been common among Barbie-goers in recent weeks, but fragile trolls have been unable to cope with the look.

Of course Ben Shapiro, who was so triggered by Barbie that he literally set dolls on fire, was among those who immediately freaked out about the picture.

“Are the Chinese quaking in their boots, at this point?” he asked. “Does this speak well of the future of the western world? Is this where things are going?”

Others jumped right to assuming Trudeau must be gay, as he was seen wearing pink shortly after separating from his wife.

Even if Trudeau wasn’t wearing pink at the movie, just the fact that he went to go see Barbie would almost certainly have these troglodytes making the same inane commentary. God forbid anyone actually have a good time dressing up for a movie like everyone else is—nope, must be gay!

And let’s be clear: even if Trudeau were to subsequently come out as something other than straight, his wearing pink or seeing Barbie wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Homophobes’ attempts to define what random behaviors or looks “prove” someone is gay have never withstood any actual scrutiny, and this is no exception. Get a better hobby. Or maybe just throw on some pink and go see the movie for yourself—you might even have a good time.

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