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Exclusive: See The First 10 Minutes Of For The Love Of DILFs’ Season Finale Now!

See The First 10 Minutes Of For The Love Of DILFs’ Season Finale Now!

Mateo and Gordon
Courtesy of OUTtv

The For the Love of DILFs season one finale is almost here, and with it the answer to which of these couples really has what it takes to stay together — and, of course, take home that cash prize. There are three power couples left and the stakes couldn't be higher.

In last week’s wild episode, the couples had to learn even more about their compatibility with a kinky cleaning competition that was as hilarious as it was illuminating.

While Charles and Prince continue to question if the connection they share is enough to keep them in the competition, Bobby and Nathan couldn’t be more certain. The L-bomb was dropped in an incredibly moving moment. What can we say, this show may have started as a steamy, lighthearted romp, but for the men of MILF Manor things couldn’t be more real.

Sadly, one couple who was starting to heat things up was eliminated when Leryia and Matt were voted out. Sigh, we're going to miss those sexy poolside make-outs.

With that heartbreaking decision made, we officially have our top three couples. But who has what it takes to win the whole thing? Well, that's exactly the question on everyone's mind when episode eight kicks off.

Nathan and Bobby

Courtesy of OUTtv

Nathan and Bobby are confident they have the competition in the bag. After all, they’ve been together since day one — and what can top that? (Well Bobby, apparently.)

Gordon and Mateo are also feeling optimistic going into the final vote, this big and little spoon (guess who’s a little spoon!) already have plans to meet up after the show wraps and continue their cross-generation — and cross-continental — love affair going.

The last couple, Charles and Prince Joshua, however, are still on shaky ground, leading to a painful heart-to-heart.

Prince Joshua and Charles

Courtesy of OUTtv

So, who’s it going to be? We’ll be finding out soon enough when all the Daddies and Himbos return to cast their final vote.

For The Love of DILFs is streaming now on OUTtv. Watch the first 10 minutes of episode eight below.

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