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Yellowstone Surprises Fans With Random Gay Kiss

Yellowstone Surprises Fans With Random Gay Kiss


Here's how it went down...


Yellowstone, Kevin Costner's hit series about a ranch family, concluded part one of its fifth season on Sunday and with it, gave fans a gay kiss that almost came out of nowhere. Not that we're complaining!

The series isn't known for its LGBTQ+ representation. It follows a Montana family fighting off threats to their ranching land, and there aren't exactly a slew of queer people in the region to begin with.

Today, in Season 5, the show has included a lesbian moment impossible to ignore.

Jezebel perfectly set up the scene. "The Dutton family (and its ranch hands) all take a trip to the fair in town to blow off a little steam. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has become governor this season, which seems like an important job, but he’s mostly avoided doing anything related to said job and thus is free to join this fun trip to the fair. When his love interest, played by Piper Perabo, tells him that he shouldn’t kiss her in public because of the optics, John says, 'My press advisor’s behind me, making out.' Boom! Cut to new cast member Clara (Lilli Kay) giving us full inverse Brokeback Mountain realness under the stars with a cowboy hat-clad lady whose cheekbones could cut glass."

It's cool to see how casually accepted the kiss is among the characters. It's not much (yet), but we'll take representation where we can get it — and hopefully, it leads to more. The only way to go is up?

Part two of Yellowstone's fifth season returns on January 8, 2023.

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Where can I watch season five of Yellowstone?

The Paramount Network is currently the only way to watch season 5.

Why was Yellowstone taken off Netflix?

NBCUniversal won the rights to it so it currently lives on Peacock.

When can I watch season 5 of Yellowstone?

Part 1 on Season 5 just concluded on Sunday but part 2 picks up January 8, 2023 with seven new episodes premiering every Sunday.

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