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11 Lesbian Slang Words We Wish Existed

11 Lesbian Slang Words We Wish Existed

11 Lesbian Slang Words We Wish Existed

Dear fellow queer women,

IDK if you've noticed, but the gays have completely monopolized the gay slang world. They have words for everything. Otters?! Pups?! Twinks! Where are our words!!!??!


Sure we have a few—stud, femme, butch, scissor, finger bang— but they are so dated and I think we can do way better than that ladies. WAY BETTER.

Here are a few slang words we wish existed *hint* (make these words happen) *hint*

1. Barbie: a brightly colored dildo (probably pink) named after a woman, since we’re fucking queer and don’t need to add any more male privilege into the world.


How to use it in a sentence: “Have you seen Barbie? I thought I put her in the dishwasher but I can’t find her.”

2. Passgie — a masculine presenting woman that actually bottoms more regularly than she tops (a passive butch).


How to use it in a sentence: “It’s wonderful dating a Passgie. She’s got the whole androgynous look and yet she lets me top her all the time.”

3. Demme— a feminine presenting woman that tops more regularly that she bottoms (a dominant femme).

amber heard

How to use it in a sentence: “Did you see that girl just walk in? She’s definitely a domme. I’m going to go say hi.”

4. Stay Above Water — When you only stimulate the clitoris during sex.

above water

How to use it in a sentence: “I just biked 4 miles, can you just stay above water?”

5. Staying Under — Vaginal sex only.

sea turtle

How to use it in a sentence: “I’m wet AF you should just stay under.”

6. Rainbow Star — A person who has slept with people on all ends of the gender spectrum.

rainbow brite

How to use it in a sentence: “I identify as a lesbian, but some might call me queer/pansexual, since I’m a rainbow star.”

7. Munch Brunch — Going to brunch with your lesbian crew.

gays brunching

How to use it in a sentence: “Sorry I’m busy on Sunday with Munch Brunch.”

(Yes, we know these are gay men, but this GIF is life, and it deserves a platform to be shared. Just pretend they're women.)

8. Skate bae — A lesbian skater, who dresses like most of your skater guy friends, and usually has longish hair (that’s mostly up & sweaty).


How to use it in a sentence: “Ohhhhh I found this new skate bae on Instagram and you need to follow her.”

9. Clandyke - Short for clandestine dyke. This is for those undercover lesbians out there who aren’t completely femme, but still seem to fly under the gaydar of everyone, since she’s so straight passing.


How to use it in a sentence: “I’m still surprised that Clandyke slipped right past me. Now she’s dating what’s her face. Missed connections, amiright?”

10. Squid — a lesbian covered in tattoos who emulates the tattoo/alternative style (the hipster of lesbians).


How to use it in a sentence: “She’s definitely a squid, she has those tiny bangs, and rides a fixie.”

11. Jellyfishing — When a girl is so wet she feels slippery.


How to use it in a sentence: “I mean, she was basically jellyfishing after 5 minutes of making out. Obviously we hooked up.”

This is just one person's opinion. We'd love to know your slang words you wished the lesbian community would add to their vocabulary! Share in the comments below.

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