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SheWired's Lesbian Sex Survey - The Down and Dirty Results

SheWired's Lesbian Sex Survey - The Down and Dirty Results

We’re not sure what’s in the air but lately we at SheWired have sex on the brain. This April we compiled our first annual sex survey, an endeavor that yielded some fascinating results, and now we can't wait to share them with you.

We’re not sure what’s in the air but lately we at SheWired have sex on the brain. This April we compiled our first annual sex survey, an endeavor that yielded some eye-opening results, and now we can't wait to share them with you. 

Our 61-question survey unearthed some trends about women and sex that indicate we like it, we like it often, and in a myriad of strange places. We’re also fond of versatility when it comes to topping, bottoming, playing with toys and various fetishes.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of your answers, first we’ll post some general demographics about the those of us who took the survey. Stick around to the last page of the survey results though because that’s where we’ve got the lowdown on where y’all like to go down from bathrooms to golf courses to amusement park rides and beyond. 

First up, there were 2,635 people who talked sex with us. 97% are female, 2% male and 1% transgender. Of those respondents 82% identify as lesbian, 14% as bisexual, 2% as questioning, 1% as straight female and 1% as gay male.

Of those surveyed 47% are between the ages of 18 and 35 while 26% are between 36 and 45, 20% are between 46 and 55 and 6% are older than 55. 

It looks as though our readers are overwhelming early bloomers with 52% of us coming out between the ages of  1-22.  Of that number 17%  came out between 18-22, which means we must have collectively all had a hell of a good time at college.

An overwhelming number of us shave it all off and love lingerie. 

It turns out we’re also pretty good to ourselves with a third of us masturbating several times a month, another third masturbating several times a week and 13% of us masturbating once a day or more!

Among other things we also discovered that our readers our confident when it comes to sexual prowess. Answering the question, “Compared to other women, how good do you think you are at sex?” 12% of us say we are “one of the best” while 45% of  consider ourselves to be above average, 38% average, 4% below average and a mere 1% “one of the worst.”

Keep reading for more down and dirty on what and how we like it. 

How do you identify regarding butch, femme, etc? 

Did you have sex with a member of the opposite sex before you came out?

If you had sex with a man, when did you lose your virginity?

When did you lose your virginity to a woman? Because for some of us, it's a whole different ballgame. 

Have you had sex with a member of the opposite sex since coming out?

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What is your relationship status?

Does versatility in a sex partner matter to you?

How often do you want sex? Judging from the results we want it a lot! 

How often do you have sex? 

When do you have sex with a new partner?

Do you look at porn? 

If you watch porn, what kind?

Do you watch porn with a partner?


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How many sex partners have you had in your life?

Do you know the name of every person you have slept with?

Do you own a sex toy? That's a lot of sex toys! 

If you own a sex toy, do you use it with someone else?

When it comes to sex toys, do you prefer...

Do you wax, shave or go au natural?

If you wax or shave, which style do you prefer?


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What's your fetish of choice?

What do you like to do during sex?





When it comes where we have sex it’s pretty much all over the place with a few recurring trends. Public bathrooms were the overwhelming favorite for quickies with several admitting to getting it on in dressing rooms, amusement park rides, sports fields, various types of transportation, in churches and on military bases.  

Among the notable spots where girls got it on in bathrooms were a 7/11, a Burger King, a Subway and a port-a-potty. That's a tough sell for the germaphobes in the room. 

Dressing rooms are also popular spots for public encounters.  Respondents admitted to having sex in dressing rooms at Macy’s, T.J.Maxx, Abercrombie and Fitch, Ann Taylor and Marshall’s.

Many of us like to add to thrill of amusement park rides by adding our own motion. Respondents who’ve gotten action on a thrill ride have done it on Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride, in a skybucket at Disney, on a Ferris wheel and on a tram at Great America, a merry-go-round and at a Ball-Crawl at an amusement park.

We also tend to like to get laid going a good 65 or more miles per hour or more. Several respondents shared that they’ve had sex on public trains and buses including the Shinkansen Train in Japan, on a bus to Barcelona, an airplane at 36,000 feet and the ever-popular getting it on while speeding down the highway in a car. 

Here are a few more outstanding spots for sex --in your words:

  • -In a manhole while working.
  • -One of the shower stalls in my dorm hall’s bathroom for three-plus hours.
  • -Roof of a fire station.
  • -Under a semi-truck when I was working on a rodeo in the summer after graduating high school.
  • -The floorboard of my ex-partner’s Element in the parking lot of a Toys R Us.
  • -In a public bathroom during my cousin’s wedding.
  • -In a hut in the middle of a rice farm.
  • -On the stairs leading up to the Campanille attached to the Duomo in Florence, Italy.
  • -In an office bathroom with one of the boss’s wives.
  • -Onboard a Navy ship.
  • -A closet in basic training with her roommate outside the door.
  • -At the zoo behind the giraffe enclosure. The door was unlocked and she had on a cute, short dress.
  • -A gay male bathhouse that was taken over by lesbians for the evening.
  • -On the third hole green at night. That grass is like carpet.
  • -Right field at midday.
  • -On top of a grain elevator.
  • -Under a tarp at a Naval Air Station.
  • -Rainforest surrounded by a wild boar, howler monkeys etc…
  • -In the baptismal pool in a Mormon church after I found out they were excommunicating me.
  • -Finger fucked my girlfriend (now wife of seven years) in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
  • -Battleship Texas – San Jacinto Monument.
  • -Backseat of a fighter jet
  • In an Etruscan tomb.
  • Women’s barracks laundry room on dirty laundry.
  • Thanks to all of you for playing! Here's to more great sex ahead! 



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