Shania Twain Has Been Releasing Bop After Bop and She Deserves More Credit

Alexander Kirk

Shania Twain is the best-selling female country artist of all time, the pioneer for crossover country, and the queen of the late '90s. She churned out iconic hit after iconic hit, making every man, woman, girl, and gay boy feel like a woman with no regrets.

After her husband’s affair (with Shania’s best friend nonetheless) sent her out of the spotlight for 15 years, she is back with an album chock-full of heartbreak, resurrection, newfound love, and country/pop perfection. While the album, titled Now, is not out until September 29th we have 4 tracks and some snippets, ALL OF WHICH DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION.

Shania kicked off the era with her debut single "Life’s About to Get Good," a track which perfectly addresses her husband’s infidelity while boasting a feel-good beat and lyrics that would get anyone over an ex. Oh yeah, and the video is cute AF.


The next song, "Poor Me," gives us a little darker look at the betrayal while still holding onto Shania’s clever word play and undeniable ability to mesh musical genres so effortlessly.

"Swinging with My Eyes Closed" and "We Got Something They Don’t" round out the pre-album tracklist, both of which boast catchy choruses, booming vocals and an airy feeling of freedom.

And it doesn’t even stop there! Shania partnered with The US Open to debut snippets of some upcoming tracks including "Home Now," which sounds like the new Olympic theme song, and I am fully here for it!

In closing, pre-order the album Now, now. We owe it to Shania. 

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