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Oops! Conservative's Failed Meme Just Became This Year's Must-Have Pride Tee

Conservative's Failed Meme Just Became This Year's Must-Have Pride Tee

Pride Month meme

A bigot's meme went viral on "Gay Twitter" and led to a trans artist being celebrated!

In case you didn’t spend the long weekend doom scrolling through Twitter like we did, let’s get you caught up!

Conservative media “personality” and QAnon supporter Lauren Witzke posted a meme on Twitter that had the words “Pride Month” smooshed together into “PRIDEMONTH” which repeats and on each new line of text the letters fade away until you are left with “DEMON.”

She clearly thought she was being clever. An attempt was made!

Under the meme Witzke spewed hatred and bigotry, writing, “ Demons can seethe. Christians are DONE taking crap from the LGBTQ Mafia. We’re cancelling Pride Month, pouring out your Bud Light, shutting down your Targets, and we’re taking back the rainbow.”

She continued saying, “We will also stand up for our right to criticize your depravity in court. No more cowarding, no more pandering.”

Witzke claims to be a proud Christian, the former host for designated hate-group web show TruNews, and the GOP’s Delaware nominee for US Senate in 2020. I guess she lost the race — darn!

The tweet went viral almost immediately, but most of the retweets and comments are from the LGBTQ+ community making fun of the ridiculous meme. Queer folks quickly began embracing the meme, responding with hilarious jokes and memes of their own.

One of our favorite memes that was posted in response, features the word “JESUS” that slowly becomes just “SUS.”

But the best — and most ironic! — thing to come out of this is that a homophobic bigot ended up inadvertently bringing attention to the queer, trans artist who originally created the image.

Veya made the original PRIDEMONTH graphic Witzke posted and now you can buy it printed on T-shirts in the artist’s Redbubble shop. Veya has also made versions with the colors of the lesbian, pansexual, genderqueer, bi, trans, and intersex flags. Now you’ll have the perfect shirt no matter where you fall in the “LGBTQ Mafia.”

Check out our favorite responses to Witzke’s viral tweet below if you need a good laugh!

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