Watch: Rachel Maddow Slams Defense Sec. Nominee on Abortion

Watch: Rachel Maddow Slams Defense Sec. Nominee on Abortion
Sunnivie Brydum

Just in case you thought the November electoral trouncing of the GOP's so-called "Rape Caucus" was the last we'd hear about male legislators pontificating on the mystery of "legitimate rape" and the pregnancies that stem from them, which, if you ask former Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, are "something God intended…" Well, think again.

On her show last night, out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow took President Obama's nominee for Defense Secretary to task for his outdated and downright inaccurate views about abortion, rape, and the pregnancies that sometimes stem from such violence. 

Maddow said the former Nebraska Senator, Republican Chuck Hagel, holds "distinctly Akin and Mourdock-esque positions on this particular issue," noting that Hagel does not consider rape and incest to be reasonable exceptions to policy bans on abortion. 

Get familiar with Hagel, who also has a history of making antigay comments, in the video below. And in case you were thinking that the Secretary of Defense doesn't have much to do with women's health, abortion, and other hot-button social issues? Watch and learn.

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