The Women We'll Be Watching At The Sochi Games

Ashley Wagner, figure skating, U.S.
Everyone's eyes will already be on Ashley Wagner, after she fell twice at U.S. Nationals, and placed fourth, but was still named to the team instead of Mirai Nagasu. Some say it was racism that lost Nagasu the spot, but others say it's because Wagner simply had a terrible performance on the day of National's. She's a two-time national champion, and she's the reason that we even have three spots on the women's figure skating team for the Olympics (she won fifth place at World's, which allots those countries to put up an additional athlete).

But other than that, we just like Ashley Wagner's attitude. As far as we know, she's the only figure skater — male or female — on Team USA who has the ovaries to say that Russia's anti-LGBT law is terrible. While most in the figure skating world have stayed quiet about the law in Russia, Ashley Wagner says she feels uncomfortable not talking about it. "It's an issue I feel so strongly about just because my life is really surrounded by the LGBT community," Wagner said. "I've talked to so many athletes who agree with what I've said and who think it's a horrible thing for the LGBT community in Russia."

Here's her controversial Free Skate at Nationals:


And her Short Program at Nationals


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