Tyler Posey Came Out as Bisexual on Jane the Virgin & We're Emotional

Taylor Henderson

Teen Wolf dreamboat Tyler Posey has joined the cast of the CW telenovela Jane the Virgin, and on last week's episode, his character came out as bisexual.  


Posey was introduced as Adam at the end of Season 3, but his romantic relationship with Jane didn't really take off until Season 4. Last week's episode was the first time we've learned of Adam's bisexuality.

The scene opens with Jane chatting with her friend Lina and her fiance, Danny. Adam strolls in, Danny quickly recognizes him from somewhere and looks him up on Facebook. Danny pulls up one of their mutual friends and it clicks, "Wait, you two used to date, right? 

"Yeah," Adam looks up hesitantly at Jane as she rushes over to see his ex. 

"She's really pretty," says Jane. 

Adam shifts uncomfortably. "Not her. Him." 

"Oh.. cool. He's also very pretty."

Jane and Adam sit down over a few beers and talk about the revelation. "So...you're bisexual?"

"If you're into labels," Adam explains. "I had a boyfriend at our school when everyone was experimenting. And another in Fort Green when everyone wasn't."

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Variety that this decision was made early on when creating Adam's character. 

"I feel like you see a lot of bisexual women on TV because men think it’s sexy when women make out—so that’s become a little more seen on TV, and we felt like we hadn’t had a romantic hero who’s also bisexual," Urman explained. "It felt like an interesting place to explore because Jane would think she’s very progressive and Jane would think she’d have no issue with it—that would be the place she wants to come into the story with, but then she has to unpack a lot of stuff."

So are we going to see any of Adam's former boyfriends? Possibly... Urman simply responds, "He does have his own arc with a beginning, middle, and end."

Fingers crossed....

Watch the scene below:

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