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Lesbians Finally Get Some Airtime in 'Go On'

Lesbians Finally Get Some Airtime in 'Go On'
Sunnivie Brydum

Julie White's lesbian character on the new sitcom Go On played a tragically tiny role in the first three episodes of the Matthew Perry comedy, but on Tuesday's episode, we finally got a chance to see some lady-love. White, who plays Ann, a widow stuck in the "anger" stage of the grief process, has an invitation to a friend's wedding, but can't face the thought of attending alone without her late wife.

Cue Perry's Ryan, a fellow support-group widower, who gallantly offers to be Ann's date for the lesbian wedding. We finally see Ann step out of her shell, complete with the requisite Uhaul joke when she finds connection with another widowed mother at the wedding.

And out comedian Erin Foley shows up at the wedding, fawning over Perry, who she mistakes for one Rachel Maddow. If you ask us, that's a damn flattering comparison on Perry's end, but Maddow's got the former Friends star beat with her youth, smooth skin, and sexy-as-hell intellect.

The episode closes with a surprising — but momentous — "first" that the two recently widowed characters share. But to know what that is, you'll have to watch the show. Which is definitely worth doing, for the record. Considering the show revolves around a support group for those who've lost a loved one, it's surprisingly funny and tender, and is exceedingly well-acted by the likes of White, Perry, and the group's unlicensed counselor, played by Broadway darling Laura Benanti. 

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