Marvel Comics to Launch All-Female X-Men Series

Marvel Comics to Launch All-Female X-Men Series
Sunnivie Brydum

Marvel comics is set to relaunch its popular X-Men series of comics in April, with one notable difference: this time, the superheroes are all ladies. 

The comic, written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Oliver Croipel, will feature an all-star cast of X-Women veterans. Fangirls will undoubtedly be thrilled to reconnect with Rogue, Storm, Kitty Pride (who, by her name, should clearly be a lesbian), Jean Grey's daughter Rachel Gray, and Psylocke. 

Jos Truitt, my personal favorite resident lady-geek at Feministing, has a fabulous analysis of why the new, female-centric series is a perfect fit for the X-Men franchise. Noting that Marvel perhaps missed an opportunity to hire a female writer-illustrator team, she nonetheless is optimistic about Wood's ability to do justice to the ass-kicking, crime-fighting female superheroes. 

"Brian Wood’s shown he knows how to write women who are real, well rounded, and kick ass," writes Truitt, "staying away from the sad stereotypes of women as boob wracks or victims that fill too many mainstream comics."

Get a sneak peek of the cover for issue #1 below:

And if the writer's interview with Wired magazine is any indication, he knows he's got a legacy to live up to.

"It seems like a no-brainer to me, now, or last year, or ten years ago," Wood told Wired. "The female X-Men are amazing characters, they always have been — everyone knows that. They've been the best thing about the franchise."

We couldn't agree more. 

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