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All of Daisy Ridley's Crushes Growing Up Were Women

All of Daisy Ridley's Crushes Growing Up Were Women

All of Daisy Ridley's Crushes Growing Up Were Women

And John Boyega defended the hotness of Leonardo DiCaprio.


Star Wars actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega stopped by BBC Radio 1 to weigh in on callers’ unpopular opinions and a fight over whether Leonardo DiCaprio is attractive or not led to a wonderful confession from Ridley — all her crushes growing up were women.

It all started when a caller named Molly phoned in to take a hard stance on Leo being overrated.

“Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t hot. Not when he was younger, not now, I just don’t get the hype,” she said, drawing an audible gasp from an outraged Boyega.

Ridley, on the other hand, saw Molly’s point of view.

“Do you know what?” she asked. “I sort of agree.”

She went on to say he was “okay” in the rain scene in The Great Gatsby, but that was the only moment she could kind of understand where the rest of the world was coming from.

Boyega was incredibly not here for all this anti-DiCaprio sentiment.

“No, I think you’re both lying. Leo’s about that life. Leo walks up to you in a building, tells you that, ‘You know what, I’m going to take you out for a drink, have a conversation about, you know, the planet,’ I know you’re going,” he insists. “You’re going for sure.”

The face he makes when Molly hesitates alone makes it worth watching the video.

But lest we make this all about one half of FinnPoe defending the attractiveness of one of Hollywood’s leading hunks, Ridley was ready to jump in with examples of her ACTUAL childhood crushes — crushes she listed as Pink, all the girls from S Club 7, and “Left Outside Alone” singer Anastacia.

“To be honest, this is an unpopular opinion. I see that women are more attractive then…like, I didn’t have a guy crush growing up. Like, a famous guy crush, yeah. But there were so many women that I was like ‘Oh my god, you’re gorgeous.’”

After awhile, Ridley clarified that she meant it "more like in an idol" way — or at least regarding the S Club 7 girls — but we’ll still take it!

And while the two never came to any sort of agreement on Leo, we are definitely fine with each actor landing on the side they did.

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