Emma Thompson Shows Support for Trans Women in Open Letter

Emma Thompson Shows Support for Trans Women in Open Letter
Rachel Kiley

Emma Thompson joined a number of influential women across the UK in penning and attaching their names to an open letter in support of transgender women this weekend.

After the Scottish government’s decision to revise the country’s Gender Recognition Act to be more inclusive of transgender women, TERFs have been coming out of the woodwork to complain that it will infringe on cisgender women’s rights.

But the women writing in support of transgender rights vehemently disagree.

“In the Scottish Government’s recent public consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act (2004) a majority of respondents supported gender self declaration, as well as recognising of non-binary people,” the letter reads.

“As a collective of women, we urge that trans-exclusionary writers do not suggest that their narrow and archaic arguments are in any way representative of the women of Scotland. They do not speak for us.”



The letter goes on to point out what an important role trans people have played in “every civil rights movement to date,” and insists that attempts to shut them out of progress has to stop.

“We believe that the national conversation about gender-based discrimination and violence are necessary, however these conversations should not in anyway attempt to roll back the rights that trans people already have in Scotland, nor spread misinformation,” it says.

“The conversation has to change.”

The letter was written and organized by Rhiannon Spear, chairwoman of the Time for Inclusive Education campaign. She, along with around 70 other members of government and charities, academics, professionals, and of course, Thompson herself, signed the letter to declare their support.

Thompson has long been a vocal supporter for LGBTQ rights, even appearing on the original Ellen sitcom playing a version of herself that was secretly a lesbian — a genuine risk to her career back in the 90s.

She also recently threw her support behind the #MeToo movement, quitting a voice-acting gig for Skydance after the company hired disgraced ex-Disney honcho John Lasseter was hired there despite numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, and ultimately penning her own open letter criticizing the hiring decision.

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