Now Is the Perfect Time for Ellen DeGeneres to Teach Oscar the Grouch Some Kindness 

Ellen DeGeneres and Oscar the Grouch
Tracy E. Gilchrist

There’s never been a better time for Ellen DeGeneres to teach Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch about kindness. Just this week Meryl Streep called for empathy during her lifetime achievement award speech at the Golden Globes in response to Donald Trump’s campaign of hate that included mocking a disabled reporter, and the right exploded on Twitter as if a call for empathy were the worst act imaginable. 

On Tuesday’s show, Ellen, wearing a sweater that reads “love,” discovers Oscar the Grouch hanging out on her set. After some small talk, she goes on to explain ways that he can be kind in certain scenarios. Of course, Oscar is a life-long grouch who’s honed his ability to laugh at others, so it may take him a while to learn and practice kindness.

The point is that since 700 acts of discrimination and harassment were reported in the week after Donald Trump won the electoral college, teaching and practicing kindness are more important than ever.

Watch Ellen and Oscar below. 

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