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Tyler Alvarez Is Just as Thirsty for Mason Gooding as We Are

Tyler Alvarez Is Just as Thirsty for Mason Gooding as We Are

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An Instagram exchange is going viral for the funniest of reasons.


Mason Gooding, star of Scream and Love, Victor, has become a Hollywood heartthrob right under our noses!

The son of Cuba Gooding Jr. has appeared in various movies and films over the years, but it only recently accumalted into certified hottie status. Just take a look at his Instagram comments, where the thirst is unquenchable. You might even find some familiar faces in there...

For instance, his latest carosel features a hilarious comment from friend and American Vandal star Tyler Alvarez. "It's really hard to not objectify you when you post pictures looking like sex," the out actor wrote. "I'm trying to be a good friend to you, but it's hard."

We understand you completely, Tyler!

Gooding later liked the comment and responded, "it’s only my third day out here i dont know wats goin on."

We're not sure what Gooding is referring to but their exchange has now gone viral over on Twitter, where fans enthusiastically support Alvarez's comments. "He's so real for that," one person wrote. "Saying what we're all thinking," wrote another.

The two are starring in an upcoming movie called Pools that has already been filmed. The official summary reads, "Stuck at summer school after a flunked year of college, Kennedy (Odessa A'zion) rallies a ragtag crew to go pool-hopping through the lavish estates of Lake Forest. But as secrets spill, a wild night of fun becomes a cathartic journey of self-discovery."

Their roles are unclear, but it looks like they've developed a close friendship through the process.

While Alvarez is gay, Gooding has never publicly discussed his sexuality. Though some fans believe he once hinted at being bisexual when he talked about his animated crushes, which included male and female characters. In the aforementioned Instagram carosel, Gooding posted a photo oh himself with a model named Amenah. Some fans also believe that was Gooding's way of soft-launching their relationship.

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