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Fletcher Fans Are Freaking Out After 'Eras Of Us' Reignites Sapphic Drama—Here's The Tea

Fletcher Fans Are Freaking Out After 'Eras Of Us' Reignites Sapphic Drama—Here's The Tea

Cari Fletcher

The follow-up to last year's "Becky's So Hot" chaos has arrived!


A little over a year after the release of her debut studio album, Fletcher is back with a brand new single—and it’s giving all the drama.

When the singer teased “Eras of Us” on Instagram earlier this week, fans who have followed her career the last couple years were already at the edge of their seats based on the title alone. The song itself is an absolute banger, but let’s dive into the drama first for those catching up.

Girl of My Dreams

Backing things up to 2022, Fletcher released a single from her debut album, Girl of My Dreams, called “Becky’s So Hot,” which was essentially about creeping on her ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend and being like, “damn, I can’t even be mad; she’s hot.”

The ex-girlfriend in question is Shannon Beveridge, who was part of the lesbian YouTube era with her pre-Fletcher gf circa the early 2010s. Beveridge directed several music videos for Fletcher off her The S(ex) Tapes EP after they had broken up, but appeared to start taking issue with having songs written about her once she was no longer involved creatively.

The full drama is lengthy, but suffice it to say, she and the Becky in question (who is now another ex) publicly shaded Fletcher for “Becky’s So Hot,” despite it later appearing that Fletcher and given them a heads up about the song before it was released. They also created a sold a t-shirt based on the song, promising to donate the profits to charity—and Beveridge later posted a TikTok showing Fletcher had tried to purchase one and she rejected and refunded it.

The Eras Tour

Things quieted down for a minute after that, but the drama picked back up when fans spotted Beveridge approaching Fletcher at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in New Jersey, where Fletcher is from, back in May.

The seemingly pleasant reunion was surprising following all the Becky drama, and it clearly had an impact on Fletcher as well. Remember the name of the new single? Yeahhhh.

Fans immediately began speculating that “Eras of Us” was a reference to running into Beveridge at the show, and Fletcher herself ultimately confirmed it ahead of the music video release.

“I was lucky enough to see The Eras Tour this summer, and I ran into someone from my past who was a great love,” she said in a statement. “Being at the same show and knowing that we were both scream singing all of the lyrics written by an artist who has narrated so many of the romances throughout my life, the eras of our relationship rose up and hit me like a wave.”

TikTok drama, reignited


another lyric… ❌🅾️

In the short time between Fletcher announcing the new single and it hitting the internet—and before Fletcher’s statement was released to the press—Beveridge had also chimed in, seemingly confirming the song was about her.

As Autostraddlepoints out, this is all happening amidst Beveridge starting a podcast called “Exes & Os,” prompting some fans to wonder if there’s some shared PR aspect of this whole thing (something it’s worth noting was also speculated circa “Becky’s So Hot,” but that was put to bed).

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Fletcher definitely made a shady little video of her own alluding the podcast.

“Eras of Us”


should’ve left this one in the drafts

All of this finally brings us to the release of the song and coinciding music video. Even without all the new drama floating around, if you know any Fletcher history, there would be zero doubt this song is yet another one inspired by her relationship with Beveridge.

The lyrics reference “girl of my dreams,” dating someone in Los Angeles, and how she “told every one of my friends / you won’t get a lyric again / but goddamn here I fuckin’ am.” And just like that, we’re thrust back into the sapphic chaos that kept chronically online ladies glued to TikTok for a good chunk of 2022.

But for any who might be hoping for a legit reunion between the two, Fletcher claims the Eras Tour reigniting her memories of what was ultimately only led to writing a song that represented the end of that particular era.

“But water can’t ever be held, and writing this song was my best attempt at creating the container to capture that moment in time even if it was the closing of a chapter,” she said.

Well…we’ve heard it before. But Fletcher is hardly the only songwriter to keep using past relationships as inspiration for their work—but most musicians throughout history haven’t had TikTok famous exes and fans who eagerly bounce between the two trying to suss out the drama.

At any rate, “Eras of Us” absolutely slaps, and is a promising start to whatever the next chapter of Fletcher’s musical career holds. And while it can’t be easy constantly having an ex constantly churning out songs about you, if Beveridge is the muse that continues to inspire a laundry list of no-skip tracks, well, sapphic pop fans thank her for her service.

Check out the music video for "Eras of Us" below!

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Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.

Rachel Kiley is presumably a writer and definitely not a terminator. She can usually be found crying over queerbaiting in the Pitch Perfect franchise or on Twitter, if not both.