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Paris Hilton Releases New Version of 'Stars Are Blind' With Kim Petras

Paris Hilton Releases New Version of 'Stars Are Blind' With Kim Petras

Kim Petras and Paris Hilton
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Happy Pride Month!


Kicking off Pride Month the right way!

Paris Hilton launched her pop music career 17 years ago with the song “Stars Are Blind,” which served as the lead single of her debut studio album Paris. The song was written and produced by Fernando Garibay, as well as cowriters Sheppard Solomon and Ralph McCarthy.

On Friday, June 2, Hilton dropped a brand-new version of “Stars Are Blind” featuring Grammy Award-winning popstar Kim Petras. Not only is this a huge treat for Pride Month, but it’s also a full-circle moment for Petras, who has been a huge Paris Hilton stan over the years.

You can listen to “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)” below.

This new version of “Stars Are Blind” includes Petras’ vocals all over the song, as well as a new verse from her. The new verse goes, “Baby, baby, I could be your confidante / Come on over, show me if you're down or not / That’s hot, make your whole jaw drop / If you’re all that talk, finna ride to Paris / Out of everybody in the galaxy / You’re the only one I want with me / Let’s sip, we’re like princesses / In the Miu Miu fence, with the hoes and carriage.”

The song also features Petras saying that she loves Hilton and using the heiress’ iconic motto, “That’s hot.” Altogether, this new track is gay heaven – and perfect for Pride Month!

A Kim Petras and Paris Hilton collab wasn’t in our 2023 bingo card, but now we’re obsessed.

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