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Five-Year-Old Petitions Hasbro To Make Girl Transformers

Five-Year-Old Petitions Hasbro To Make Girl Transformers
Sunnivie Brydum

Going off the success of McKenna Pope's petition to toy manufacturer Hasbro to create a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven, a five-year-old in Maine is now asking Hasbro to start making Transformers toys aimed at girls. 

"I love Transformers," writes five-year-old India Hernandez in blue crayon (pictured above). "Why are there no girl Transformers? There are no girl Transformers in the store. I love Prime and Transformers! I want a girl to play with, too."

Dana Hernandez transcribed India's letter and turned it into a petition on Change.orgThe petition, directed to Hasbro president and CEO Brian Goldner, is aiming for just 200 signatures — let's push them above and beyond that modest goal, SheWired ladies! 

Hasbro was responsive to Pope's request for an Easy Bake Oven that wasn't all pink and purple — the company announced a gender-neutral model would arrive in 2013 — so there's reason to hope that the toy giant might consider making a marketing change if enough supporters raise their voices. (Or, in this case, raise their finger and click to sign the petition.)

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