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5 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes from 2014

5 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes from 2014

5 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes from 2014

And the fake Oscar for Best Sex Scene Goes to...


Awards Season is upon, and you know what that means? Time to ignore all the actual nominations and take a moment to revel in yet another addition of our favorite nonexistent category, Best Lesbian Sex Scene! Below, we've compiled a list of this year's nominees, and while 2014 wasn't exactly brimming with a wide selection of films to choose from (and sadly, many awesome-looking films from 2014 are still not widely available following their festival appearences), we think we've got a pretty good selection for you. And if you see some of your favorite 2014 moments missing, feel free to add them to the list in the comments. Truly, this list could never be long enough.


1. Anatomy of A Love SeenAnatomy of A Love Seen totally kinda has to win this year, because the whole movie revolves around a sex scene. Basically, Zoe and Mal are co-stars in a film whose romantic chemistry onscreen leads to a relationship once the cameras stop rolling. However, after a painful breakup, the girls must reunite to re-shoot the love scene. The drama is obvious and the situation is a painful struggle, but the movie ends on a five minute sex scene that's beautifully shot and effectively honest. It also starts with a sex scene, not to mention there's a fascinating plot and solid acting all-around, so Anatomy of A Love Seen should probably be on your queer queue if it isn't already. 



2. Star Cross'd Jammers: Roller derby drama? Australian lesbians? A Romeo and Juliet-type spin? Star Cross'd Jammers has it all and more. Sure, it maybe doesn't have the biggest budget (or like, an actual technical sex scene), but with such adorable roller derby babes having this amount steamy make out scenes in really cute bras and roller derby outfits, we'll take it. We'll take all of it. We'll probably watch it more than once. This movie is awesome. (Also, semi-spoilers,  they don't both die in the end so like, it's a lot better than Romeo and Juliet. Just saying.)



3. A Map For Love: International LGBT films strike again! A Map for Love (Mara Para Conversar) is a Chilean drama about single mom Roberta, who’s trying to balance raising her young song, her edgy activist/actress girlfriend Javiera, and a mother struggles accept her queerness. A Map For Love is filmed with admirable subtlety that explores the love and pain within several different types of relationships, but it's the intimacy between Roberta and Javiera that we’re putting in the spotlight today. A short but intense love scene between them sets the tone for their passionate relationship and keeps us totally hooked.



4. Girltrash: All Night Long: There's a lot going for Girltrash, if you're into web series-based low-budget musicals with a goofy vibe and a lot of heart. Additionally, Girltrash will always hold a special place in the souls of those  who are still clinging to the timeless love story that is Spencer and Ashley from South of Nowhere, since it stars Spashley girls Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave as cuties who aren't quite sure how to approach a budding relationship (spoilers: they figure it out). This joyride of a piece is a super fun celebration of queer friendships, relationships, and girl bands, not to mention it ends on quite a bang. Literally. Get it? They have sex! 



5. Submerge: Okay, so technically Submerge came out in 2013, but it recieved a commercial release in 2014 so it totally counts. Yet another Australian film (the Australians were truly killing it in 2014) Submerge follows Lucy, a swimmer training for the Olympics who instead takes a dive into the deep end of sex, drugs, and partying. Submerge didn't exactly get stellar reviews (we'll save the 'stellar reviews' list for another day, though star Lucy Hall's performance did snag some festival awards), but for this might be the perfect option for those of you who were looking for the 'playroom' aspect of 50 Shades of Grey with absolutely nothing else at all relating to that story. Seriously, this movie features a sex scene in the first 15 seconds of the trailer. And it's available on iTunes. Just so you know. 

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