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WATCH: The Sweetest Lesbian-Themed Short Film You'll See This Valentine's Day!

WATCH: The Sweetest Lesbian-Themed Short Film You'll See This Valentine's Day!
Tracy E. Gilchrist

If you're looking for something short and as sweet as can be, then look no further than this exquisite short film, A Kiss from Your Lips, directed, produced, and written by Allison Tate. The film consists of a single tracking shot of a young woman circa the mid-1950s circling the floor at a dance until she finds where she belongs. 

Here's what Tate, a directing student at the University of Southern California, shared with us about the making of the film: 

“The very first time I heard The Flamingos’ song 'A Kiss From Your Lips' I saw the film in my head. In my imagination, there were no cuts, so I thought, ‘Let’s do it in one take. That will be my challenge.’

Using only one shot, I really wanted to capture the dreaminess I felt every time I listened to the song. I wanted to express the kind of dream I feel like I’m in when I’m with my partner, on the dance floor and in life.

Whenever I go swing dancing I feel like my protagonist, played by the marvelous Cecily Breaux. Because I am femme-presenting, men usually assume that I am just waiting for them to ask me to dance. But I am in a different world. I’m actually looking to dance, lead or follow, with that special woman.

Through a 1950s lens, I made A Kiss From Your Lips to touch on the timeless themes of finding the courage to be yourself and love who you love like it’s only you two on the dance floor.”

A Kiss From Your Lips is swooping up awards from film festivals nationwide, and melting hearts across the web. 

A Kiss From Your Lips from Allison Tate on Vimeo.

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