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Aubrey Plaza Teases Upcoming Directorial Debut

Aubrey Plaza Teases Upcoming Directorial Debut

Aubrey Plaza

Whatever it is, sign us up!


Aubrey Plaza might be adding “director” to her list of credits soon.

The White Lotus star recently chatted with Vanity Fair about her body of work and where she’s headed, teasing readers about her next project after the upcoming WandaVision spin-off — a “script she wants to direct,” per the article.

“I’m going in to, like, do some Garry Marshall shit,” she said.

Marshall’s iconic career included films like Pretty Woman, Never Been Kissed,and The Princess Diaries, leaving the interviewer to speculate the film Plaza plans to make her debut must be a romantic comedy.

From the wording, it also sounds as if she may be writing the script herself, which is in line with comments the actress made last year about her goals for working behind the camera.

In that interview, which was with GQ, Plaza teased a family-friendly feature that she had written and had plans to direct, although she went a very different direction than invoking Marshall at the time.

“I’m trying to fill the female Tim Burton slot,” she said.

It’s unclear whether we’re talking about the same project or if Plaza’s plans for her debut have shifted since last November, but a family-friend romantic comedy mixing the styles of Garry Marshall and Tim Burton would definitely be a wacky choice. And it would be just like Plaza to go outside of the box like that, so anything feels possible!

How old is Aubrey Plaza?

Plaza was born June 26, 1984.

How did Aubrey Plaza get so popular?

Plaza rose to fame for her role as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation.

Are Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick friends?


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