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Cardi B Hurls Microphone At Fan Who Threw Drink At Her On Stage

Cardi B Hurls Microphone At Fan Who Threw Drink At Her On Stage

Cardi B
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Can we stop making concerts weird??


Cardi B is giving concertgoers who think it’s okay to throw things at performers a taste of their own medicine—although this particular story might be a little more complicated.

The rapper was performing at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas over the weekend when a woman close to the stage decided to pop her drink and splash Cardi with its contents. From the video shared, it looks like a fully purposeful move rather than the unintentional consequence of an overly enthusiastic crowd member.

The hit got the “WAP” singer pretty good, and Cardi wasn’t about to let it slide. After registering what happened, she responded by hurling the only thing she had on hand—her microphone—right back at the woman in question.

The incident takes place amidst a confusing trend of fans throwing things at performers on stage, from someone lobbing a bag of their mother’s ashes at Pink to one jerk actually sending Bebe Rexha to the hospital after he threw his phone at her face.

But what happened with Cardi does have an extra layer to it. After video of what happened went viral, additional footage surfaced of her actually asking fans to splash her with water at several other points in the concert.

“Throw me some water, bitches, I’m hot,” she said, walking back and forth across the stage as audience members obliged.

However, it’s currently unclear whether Cardi’s request came prior to the splash that prompted her to throw her microphone, or if it was an attempt to make light of what happened after the fact. A headline from TMZ claims the former, while some fans are insisting on the latter.

More facts are likely to come out soon, as a police report was subsequently filed against Cardi for battery in conjunction with the incident. The microphone allegedly struck both the fan who threw the drink and at least one person standing nearby, and it isn’t clear which one of them filed the report, or if it was someone else entirely. Per another angle, the fan who threw the drink was immediately apologetic prior to being escorted out of the venue, so there's at least that.

If Cardi requested fans throw water at her ahead of all this going down, the narrative definitely needs to get cleared up. But if this is yet another example of fans thinking throwing things at celebrities is the best way to get their's really time to cut that behavior out before the injuries get more serious than some already have been. That's just not the concert vibe anybody wants.

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