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Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Just Met Their Future Daughter

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Just Met Their Future Daughter

Harley Quinn

Max's Harley Quinn catapulted the couple to an apocalyptic future filled with surprises.


The new season of Harley Quinn has been taking some fun swings with Harley and Ivy on different sides of the battle between villains and heroes in Gotham, but the most recent episode brought about their biggest challenge yet—their daughter.

In the seventh episode of season four, “The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time” (Avatar, by the way), our two leading ladies travel to the future as Harley theorizes that future Ivy will have more time to talk to her than present-day Ivy, who has gotten wholly wrapped up in leading the Legion of Doom.

Instead of seeking out their future selves, they discover that the world has been through an apocalyptic event, and the resistance is being led by their green-skinned, pigtail-wearing daughter, Neytiri (yes, named after the character from Avatar).

Their focus soon shifts to obsessing over their daughter—who Harley insists on calling Princess Ladyfingers—and wondering what kind of parents they were, over trying to get back to their timeline. And it’s kind of adorable.

We’ve had no shortage of time travel stories over the years where heterosexuals meet their future offspring, but making that work in a similar fashion with a queer couple is a little more complicated. At least, if any of this were based in reality, it would be.

But Harley Quinn remembers that it’s entire world is made up of the fantastic and impossible, so there’s no real reason a clown and a plant lady can’t have a baby of their own just because they’re both women. And it doesn’t require explanations or justifications—it just is.

The series is still TBD on whether Harley and Ivy stop the apocalyptic future from happening, and who knows what will become of their daughter if they do, but the gates just swung open for the domestic future of these two in a pretty interesting way. And maybe it will even be one the comics keep in mind long after the show has come to an end.

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