A Pastor's Gay Son Wows American Idol Judges With Original Song

Taylor Henderson

Church janitor Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon wowed American Idol judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan during his audition with his original song "Almost Heaven."

After coming out as gay to his religious family and being told that "this is not a path that I should follow," Harmon says he wrote the piano ballad "questioning if there's a place for me and people like me in Heaven."

"It wasn't always easy growing up as a pastor's kid," said Harmon. "There are certain parts of me that do belong, and there are parts that don't belong."

When he starts singing, Harmon blows the judges away. 

"When you opened your mouth and started singing I went straight to Billy Joel and then you kept singing and you passed Billy Joel," said Lionel Richie.

"Your range is incredible. Your voice is incredible…in the 11th and a half hour we are blessed to have you."

The judges unanimously vote him into Hollywood, and unseen in the clip, Harmon rushes out of the room and hugs his boyfriend.

Watch the clip from American Idol in the video below.

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