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A Trans Boy Came Out to His Mom Via a Cute Homemade Holiday Card

A Trans Boy Came Out to His Mom Via a Cute Homemade Holiday Card

A Trans Boy Came Out to His Mom Via a Cute Homemade Holiday Card

Now THIS is parenting done right! 


2020 can't end soon enough, but despite all the heartbreaking, anxiety-ridden moments that have plagued us these past 12 months, there have been a few wholesome moments here and there that remind us of the good in humanity. And this viral story of a mother and her transgender son's recent coming out is one of them! 

Writer Amanda Mancino-Williams took to Twitter this week to share a heartwarming moment that happened between her and her son in the midst of this wild, unprecedented holiday season. 

"Got a note from my 13yo tonight, under the door, like they always did when there was something important to say," she wrote in a tweet alongside a bunch of pictures of a handmade card her kid made for her. As we scroll through the pics, it's plain to see this isn't just a regular holiday greeting, but instead, a coming out. 

"Dear Mum, I have created an extremely cringe little book to tell you something," the card begins. A few sweet and adorable sun/son puns later, and Amanda's child finishes his letter by telling her he is trans. "Conclusion: one – I am a trans boy. Two – I am very cringey."

At the time of writing, Amanda's tweet has over 28,000+ likes, and of course, people on the internet are loving the pure, heartwarming radiance of it all! (So it's safe to say he's not cringey at all!)

Suddenly we believe in love and joy and goodness again! 

"This is a fantastic gift for all of us," Amanda then wrote. "And, he wanted me to share to inspire others to be themselves."

Parents of LGBTQ+ kids, please take note! THIS is how you should accept yours kids for who they are!

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